About us

KC Multitrade, Ltd. was established on September 3, 1993. Its seat is in Bratislava. At its birth, its supporting program was mainly purchase and sale of polymers and additives in plastic materials.

Owing its long-standing commercial know-how and specialized knowledge in the area of chemistry, the firm established its position not only in inland but also in European market. At the present time, the product portfolio represents more than 100 articles of both inorganic and organic chemistry. The company activities are aimed virtually at all branches of industry, however, especially at the industry of plastic materials, food-processing industry, building, textile, rubber industry as well as power industry.

The palette of articles doesn't need to be final; it may be amended and alternated along your requests. The firm is commerce-oriented but we are in position to provide for our partners a special technical consulting at technological problems.

In the present time, besides of our country, we expand our activities mainly in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Practical experience, that we have acquired during years of our activity in the market with chemical commodities and our long-term commercial contacts represent firm base on which we can develop our further activities.

In the year 2005, our Company was awarded the certificate of quality with accordance to ISO 9001: 2000. For its main task, the firm considers, on one hand, to offer high-class service for its commercial partners abroad and, on the other hand, to satisfy the requirements of Slovak producers and consumers of chemical raw materials.

Innovation, reliability and quality are the attributes on which is based activity of our commercial company.